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I’m Katrina and I’m a strong believer in a little spot of what I call Crafternoon Delight. This might be a bit of crochet, knitting, embroidery, scrapbooking, sculpting, drawing, or just general sticking things to other things and finding out what works. For me, Crafternoon Delight is about being a dabbler in a range of artsy fartsy goodness, worrying less about being a pro and more about doing something creative that gets your brain and hands moving!

Now, I’m not a teacher but I do love craft and when brainstorming activities that would give the women at the refugee centre (and volunteers alike) a weekly dose of relaxation and social interaction, I couldn’t help but feel that this was my time to step up and preach what I practice every day.

This blog is a diary of the lessons we learn together and the kinds of creative mischief I can get up to every week! Please use my ramblings as a resource for craft lessons of your own and a place to share your own Crafternoon Delights.


Lesson 5: Painted Plant Pots

So, this week someone suggested painting plant pots and we ran with that as you can probably see. Our apartment is full of plants and our local supermarkets tempt me with cute little leafy greens and succulents every time I go in. That said, I have done a little pot decorating in my time and love a colourful home for my plant children. I have also ended up with a tonne of plastic pots that I can’t bear to throw away – any plant lovers out there relate?

Lesson 4: Carnaval Mask

The Project Here in the south Netherlands the end of winter means one thing – CARNAVAL! Particularly in Maastricht where I am, this festival is alive and well and everyone in the city is required to either celebrate whole-heartedly or get the hell out of dodge. I know quite a few people who choose the… Continue reading Lesson 4: Carnaval Mask

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