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Baby Bear Crochet Hoodie

As it has been foretold, it seems I have finally reached the age where all of my friends are getting married or having babies or both (the horror)! On the one hand this aging process is TERRIFYING and I cannot believe we are old enough to take any kind of vow or raise children – who let this happen? On the other hand, children’s clothes are much smaller and quicker to make than the cardigan I recently finished for my 6ft 4″ boyfriend and the button selection for children is far more interesting. So it’s swings and roundabouts.

That said, when my beautiful friend recently had a bouncing baby boy I didn’t waste much time before diving into the wonderful world of baby crochet patterns. After having a browse I turned to Yarnspirations – which I definitely recommend as a great resource for free patterns – and found this little gem. The pattern I picked is the Red Heart Baby Bear Hoodie pattern which can be made for little ones 6, 12 and 18 months. Since I have to send my creation from the Netherlands to Australia and babies are notorious growers, I made the 18 month size. While I used the crochet pattern, there is also a knitted version which I think would be just as cute!

As a crafter on a budget, I used some cheap and cheerful yarn from a shop in the Netherlands called Zeeman which is 100% acrylic and will be nice and easy to wash for a new mama. Normally I would use 100% natural for the little ones but since it is outerwear and not for a super small babe, I thought the acrylic would suffice.

After choosing my yarn I got stuck into the pattern, adding a few pastel stripes to jazz things up. I also added a cuff and hem pattern using alternating Front Post Double Crochet (Fpdc) and Back Post Double Crochet (Bpdc) around the same number of stitches. I did two rows of this pattern in the pastel yarn and then one row of alternating Front Post Half Double Crochet (Fphdc) and, you guessed it, Back Post Half Double Crochet (Bphdc). This creates a lovely effect and makes the cardigan feel a little bit fancy for almost no extra effort! I also added a contrasting inner to the ears to make them pop. I did this by crocheting the same pattern for the ear but stopping after the first row, finishing off and stitching it inside the full ear. EASY!

Lastly, can I just state my appreciation for cute buttons? I had a good, proper browse of my local craft shop (any excuse) and could not resist these little windmills. I live in Maastricht so there aren’t too many windmills around here, but I’m hoping they make my friend think of me when she’s dressing her little one in the hoodie – once it makes its way Down Under!

Has anyone else made this baby bear pattern? How did it go? I would love to see some other little baby bears, knit or crochet! If you’ve got any other lovely baby pattern recommendations please let me know so I can be ready for anything 😉


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